Vi ønsker å være en sikker partner i ditt prosjekt!

Vi nyter stor tillit blant våre kunder og kan vise til gode referanser fra tidligere arbeid

Vi skal være ditt naturlige valg for å dekke etterspørselen etter en profesjonell partner

Satisfied customers

We believe that the best marketing is satisfied customers, and the customer's wishes are therefore in focus regardless of the size of the job.

Solid partner

We have well-established routines, and a solid foothold in the industry. This together with continuous development makes us a solid partner.

Let professionals do the work

Our professionals have extensive experience from most assignments in the industry, and we work hard to always maintain a good quality in the work we do.

About us

Snekker om oss

Do you need help setting up a new kitchen, an extension or rehabilitation of your home? We are a company with long experience in the industry, with many satisfied customers to refer to. We can perform a wide range of jobs in the field, and act as a total supplier in new construction, extensions and rehabilitation.

We place great emphasis on keeping up to date on new products and solutions. The industry is developing rapidly, and it is very important to be part of the development - something we place great emphasis on. We have high and broad experience, and are well trained in both HSE and product development.

We are concerned about quality and place great emphasis on the customer's needs and wishes. We constantly work to ensure that customers perceive us as a professional and serious player who delivers at the agreed time and price. Optimization of functions and good solutions must characterize homes developed by us, and we strive to be at the forefront of the development and use of energy-saving measures for homes.

Cost efficient, high quality kitchens - customized for your every need.


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Vasking og maling av hus

World United Group gjorde en strålende jobb med vasking og maling av hus. Kommunikasjonen var klar og tydelig hele veien og jobben ble gjort med stor presisjon og høy grad av arbeidsstolthet. Kan virkelig anbefale Alex og World United Group.

Ingrid, Sandsli, 9. aug. 2021

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Maling og noe vedlikehold

Jeg kan varmt anbefale Alex og Wold United Group videre for all slags innvendig rehabilitering. De utførte vedlikehold og maling på gammelt kjøkken, sparkling og maling av vegger, gulvlegging og div andre utbedringer. Veldig god kommunikasjon, og meget bra arbeid. Tusen takk for godt gjennomført oppussingsprosjekt.

Carl, Ulset, 30. juli 2021

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Legge gulv og diverse annet snekkerarbeid

Flink, rask, ryddig, rimelig. Lett å kommunisere med, forstår problemet og kommer med forslag til gode løsninger. Anbefales!!

Annette, Bergen, 16. april 2021

Services we offer

Interior paint

It doesn't take much to transform a nitrous room into a pleasant living space. We are thorough with preparation and protection of adjacent surfaces, and have our strength in seeing the whole in a painting project.

Exterior paint

We know what is important in exterior renovation projects in a weather-hardy country like Norway, and have expertise in choosing the right products for optimal quality and duration. We always meet the requirements for quality and environment.

Spray paint

Spray painting is a technique where equipment is used that sprays the paint over the surface, with great advantages. It is first and foremost an effective way to cover large surfaces, and it gives an even and delicate result.


Are you thinking of building the house? We help you with everything from planning to completed work. Our experienced craftsmen ensure that everything is carried out in accordance with current regulations.


A good result requires a good eye. We rehabilitate all or part of your home, and put it in proper condition! Contact us for an inspection and a non-binding offer.

Kitchen fittings

We tailor and customize your kitchen decor so that it compliments and gives a boost to your kitchen. All our solutions are drawn and designed in accordance with the customer's wishes.


Poor insulation means lost heat and lost money. A well-insulated home retains heat and contributes to less use of energy for heating. We insulate new homes and re-insulate older houses and buildings.


A solid and stable terrace needs proper preparation. We do all the work whether you have a terrace on the ground, on the roof, or as part of your house. We foundation and cast columns if needed.

Kitchen assembly

A kitchen must be perfectly executed in accordance with the customer's wishes, and it is important to us that the customer is satisfied. If you want a non-binding offer for installation, do not hesitate to get in touch.


There are many types of flooring, ranging from laminate flooring, ship flooring and vinyl. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in flooring and are happy to assist in the planning and actual execution of the work.


We help you choose the right type of garage, detached or as part of the house, with or without insulation. There is a wide range to choose from.


We help you with laying all types of tiles, whether it is on the wall or floor. Our employees have extensive experience and ensure that you as a customer get it the way you want it!

Interior Development

More information will be posted shortly!

Our previous work

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